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State Police Car Struck on I-465 by Suspended Driver

Shortly after 6:00 Monday evening an Indiana State Police car was struck alongside I-465 westbound near the 8.8 mile marker, starting a five vehicle chain reaction crash. Trooper Arturo Azcona III was outside of his car, on the left shoulder investigating a separate minor crash, when his police car was struck by a westbound Dodge pick-up truck. The impact of the crash caused Azcona’s car to travel across all lanes of I-465 and strike a guard rail on the right side. After striking the police car, the pick-up struck the vehicle in front of the police car, then bounced into the left lane where it struck a third vehicle before being struck by a westbound semi. No drivers were injured in the crash, however four of the vehicles were required to be towed from the scene.

After a preliminary investigation, it appears 35 year old Chad Campton of Indianapolis, was driving a Dodge pick-up truck in the left lane when traffic began to slow ahead of him. Evidence at the scene indicates Campton swerved to the left shoulder to avoid collision with the slowing traffic and struck the concrete barrier wall just before striking the police car, starting the chain reaction crash.

During the course of the investigation it was determined Campton was driving on a suspended drivers license. He also faces the preliminary charge of failure to yield to an emergency vehicle. Any formal charges will be determined by the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office.

Fortunately there were no injuries in this crash, yet this is a reminder of the importance of slowing down and/or moving over for emergency vehicles, including police cars, fire trucks, ambulances, tow trucks, roadside repair vehicles and construction vehicles. By reducing your speed and moving over as soon as you observe an emergency vehicle, you allow time for vehicles behind and around you to react to the hazard. By waiting until the last minute to abruptly brake or change lanes, you substantially decrease the reaction time of other drivers around you.

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