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Indianapolis Car Accident Lawyer

It’s a hard truth: If you drive a car on Indianapolis’s streets and highways, sooner or later the chances are good that you are going to get into an accident. As an Indianapolis car accident lawyer with over 20 years experience, we’ve seen it all.

A car accident is a complex situation, and NONE of the insurance companies are on your side. You have many legal rights that no one will inform you about, unless you have an experienced dedicated legal team on your side. This is where the attorneys and legal professionals our law firm can make a BIG difference in your case, and in your recovery. More than that, if you are uninsured, or cannot afford health insurance deductibles or co-pays, we may be able to help you obtain the medical treatment you need.

Why Hire a Car Accident Lawyer?

Many people think that lawyers are expensive and that they are better off just handling their car accident claim on their own. What they don’t realize is that car accident claims can be surprisingly complicated, and that many injured victims end up with much less than they deserved because of improperly handled claims. This is especially true in cases that involve serious injuries or questions about liability.

While you always have the right to handle your own claim, you likely don’t want the stress of the insurance process while you are recovering from your injuries. In addition, if you don’t have much (or any) experience with this type of insurance claim, you won’t know when the company is trying to advantage of you or if it is being honest in its settlement offer. Unfortunately, you can usually bet that offers from insurance companies will be much less than you need to cover your losses. The good news is that the right attorney can work to get the offer you truly deserve.

indianapolis auto accident lawyer

Our car accident lawyers help with every aspect of your claim, including:

  • Determining the parties who might be liable for your injuries
  • Calculating the value of your claim
  • Preparing and filing your claim
  • Presenting all necessary supporting evidence
  • Proving your damages
  • Communicating and negotiating with adjusters
  • Fighting for the settlement offer you deserve
  • Filing a legal claim against an unreasonable insurer

Once you hire our law firm, your attorney will take it from there, and you can focus on what’s most important, which is your medical treatment and physical recovery. We’ve seen many people accept settlement offers that are too low simply because they don’t have the time, energy, or resources to fight for more. We have the time, energy, and resources needed to stand up for accident victims, so please contact our office to learn more about how our car accident lawyers can help in your specific case!

Discuss Your Accident with an Indianapolis Car Accident Attorney TODAY

Traffic accidents can present complex problems, especially when multiple vehicles are involved. These upsetting, complicated, stressful, and expensive situations require a compassionate, honest, and experienced legal team with real strength of character and decades of experience. Our team will make this entire process as pain-free as possible and ensure you get the best result for you and your loved ones.

THEY WILL TRY TO DENY YOUR CLAIM! Dealing with car insurance companies can cause nightmares. Remember that the insurance company’s goal is to DENY a car accident claim, NOT TO PAY IT! If they can’t avoid paying it, believe me, they will do EVERYTHING they can to pay as LITTLE as possible—that is how they make their profit. Do not sign anything until you speak with one of our team members, because you risk losing some or all of the compensation that is due to you.

 The Indiana Auto Accident Attorneys at Glaser & Ebbs are skilled at representing clients and their family members injured in car crashes. It often takes legal action to receive fair compensation in these cases. If the responsible party is not found, we will help you look for other coverage. Contact Glaser & Ebbs to learn more about your legal rights and options.