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Our law firm stands up for injured riders

Bikers have every right to be out on the open road in the Muncie area, but unfortunately, too many motorists don’t show them respect. When cars and trucks hit motorcycles, the consequences can be devastating – serious injuries, sky-high medical bills, lost wages, and more. Dealing with the insurance company can be just as painful. An experienced Muncie motorcycle accident attorney can make things right.

With over 100 years of combined legal experience, Glaser & Ebbs is proud to fight for injured riders in Muncie and throughout Delaware County. We know how to investigate, negotiate, and litigate for better outcomes, and we have the track record of results to prove it. If you’ve been hurt in a motorcycle accident in Muncie, don’t go it alone. Contact us and put experience on your side.

We know how to investigate motorcycle accidents in Muncie

Stereotypes aside, the reality is that most bikers are safe, responsible operators who drive safely on both two and four wheels. More often than not, when it’s a larger vehicle like a car or truck involved in a crash with a motorcycle, it’s usually the motorist, not the motorcyclist, at fault. Some of the ways motorists cause motorcycle crashes include:

  • Following too closely: motorists may not understand that motorcycles have a much shorter stopping distance than cars, and if they follow too closely, they may cause a rear-end crash.
  • Not checking blind spots: it’s much easier for a smaller vehicle like a motorcycle to slip into a blind spot, causing a crash when the larger vehicle turns or changes lanes.
  • Failing to yield: one of the most common causes of motorcycle crashes is a motorist making a left turn and failing to yield to an oncoming motorcycle.
  • Aggressive driving: some motorists deliberately tailgate or cut in front of motorcycles, or otherwise operate their vehicles recklessly.

Often, motorists hit motorcycles when they are distracted, whether that’s texting and driving, adjusting the radio, eating, or just lost in thought. It’s quite easy for a distracted driver to overlook a motorcycle, leading to deadly consequences. Drunk and drugged drivers, too, often hit motorcycles, as do fatigued drivers who fall asleep at the wheel. Our job as your attorney is to get to the bottom of what happened and hold them accountable.

Fighting for full value for motorcycle accident injuries

A biker has much less protection than a driver or passenger in an enclosed vehicle. Helmets, leather clothing, and other protective gear can guard against some injuries, but ultimately, when a car hits a biker’s body or a biker hits the ground, life-altering injuries are far too common.

Traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries can permanently affect your quality of life. Biker’s arm can cause permanent paralysis. Other types of injuries, such as road rash and internal injuries, may require surgery – and the medical treatment is just the start. You may be unable to work for some time, and your pain and suffering may be substantial. The total cost of a motorcycle crash can easily be hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars.

Insurance companies know this, so they lean into the stereotypes to try to find ways to blame bikers for their injuries. They know that if they can blame you for the accident, that’s less money they have to pay. That’s why we fight so hard to hold them accountable. We push back on their scare tactics and gather hard evidence to build a compelling case that the accident was the other driver’s fault. We know what Delaware County juries find convincing, and when the insurance company sees we’re prepared, they usually pay up. If they won’t, we are ready for what’s next.

An experienced Muncie motorcycle accident lawyer will fight for you, start to finish

This can be a long process, but we will keep you informed and ready for what’s next at each stage. We work on a contingency fee basis, which means we advance the costs to move your case forward and you don’t owe us a cent unless and until we win.

The key is to act quickly so that we can start our investigation before evidence disappears and start dealing with the insurance company on your behalf. Don’t go it alone after a motorcycle crash. Schedule your free consultation with an experienced attorney at our Muncie law office.

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