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Top Seven Ways Using Social Media Can Get You Fired

For better or worse, social networks give us a platform to share literally everything on the Internet.  In today’s ever-connected, oversharing world, you should know the risks to your job, health and family from ill-advised online behavior.

Top Seven Ways Using Social Media Can Get You Fired

More employers are looking at social media to screen potential candidates and monitor employees. Over 90 percent of employers use social media for recruiting, and three in four hiring managers check candidates’ social profiles before an interview. Maintaining a professional social media profile for your chosen career can help you get that dream job as well as keep it. Twenty-eight percent of employers have fired workers because they spent too much work time on social media, and 18 percent because of an offensive post. Here are the top seven social media no-no’s for employees:

  1. Make racist, sexist or other offensive comments
  2. Complain about your job or your clients
  3. Share confidential information
  4. Post something inappropriate on company social media
  5. Use personal social media when you should be working
  6. Post drunk photos from work gatherings
  7. Broadcast your job search

The average adult now spends more than nine hours per day consuming media via screen, including smartphone, television, gaming or e-books. Twenty percent of that time is dedicated to social media. As too many of us have found out the hard way, all this time online can come with a price.

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