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Semi-Tractor/Trailer Crash in Carmel

On Wednesday, January 13th, 2016, at approximately 11:38 a.m., at Keystone Parkway and 106th Street a semi-tractor/trailer collided with the 106th Street overpass. Officers arrived and found three vehicles involved in the crash.

Based on preliminary information, it appears that a 2002 Kenworth (T-2000) semi-tractor pulling a flatbed trailer (operated by Austin D. Wills, 46 yr. old from Mounds, OK) was traveling northbound Keystone Parkway at 106th Street. The trailer was loaded with two large steel pipes weighing approximately16,000 lbs. The steel pipes collided with the cement structure of the 106th Street overpass. The collision caused significant damage to the overpass.

Debris from the collision fell onto Keystone Parkway. Two passing motorist collided with the falling debris causing damage to their vehicles. The 2nd vehicle (2014 Ford Fusion) was traveling northbound Keystone Parkway when the vehicle sustained damage to the driver’s side front tire. Driver of the Ford Fusion was Laura Sieb (24 yr. old from Evansville, IN).

The 3rd vehicle (2016 Peterbilt Semi-Tractor) was traveling northbound Keystone Parkway when falling debris collided with the wind guard section of the vehicle. The Peterbilt semi-tractor was operated by Randy Alcorn (50 yr. old from Logansport, IN).

Keystone Parkway was temporarily closed between 96th Street and 106th Street for approximately 2 ½ hours.

There were no reported injuries from the crash.

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