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Schools Back in Session – Watch for School Traffic, Buses, and School Speed Zones

It’s August and that means it’s the time kids dread and parents rejoice – back to school.


~Be prepared for longer morning and evening commutes as school buses and increased vehicular traffic must be dealt with.

~Watch for students waiting in and around bus stops as well as walking to school.

~Be patient with school buses. State law requires vehicles traveling both directions on undivided roadways to stop for a school bus with a stop arm extended.

~Stay alert for school speed zones. Signage may vary between schools so read and obey the posted speed zone for each school.

~Follow the posted signage on school property, including stop signs, speed limits, and directional arrows. The attitude and example you set are noticed and followed by the younger generation.

~Penalties for violating school speed limits and other school laws are often increased and may include a mandatory court appearance.


~Remind students to stay back from the roadway when waiting for a school bus. The bus stop is not a place for horseplay and games.

~Teach students to wait for the bus to stop completely before approaching it. If an item is dropped, do not try to retrieve it without checking with the bus driver.

~Encourage children to obey the bus driver. Driving a bus is no easy task and the driver does not need added distractions from unruly riders.

~Have children report and suspicious or unusual activity to an adult. Most schools in Hamilton County have a school resource officer that can help your child.

~Young students may need to practice how to cross streets safely, wait patiently for buses, and other basic safety procedures.

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