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Grants Will Fund Efforts To Reduce Impaired Driving

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 Indiana is among 5 states receiving grants.

The Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) and have announced that five states will be awarded grants to support proven and innovative efforts to reduce car accidents caused by impaired drivers – measures that could prove useful throughout the country.

“Alcohol and drug use increased during the pandemic as people looked for ways to cope, and we know that many of these individuals are also getting behind the wheel. It’s tragic and incredibly frustrating to see impaired driving crashes – which are preventable – kill people every day,” said GHSA Executive Director Jonathan Adkins.

“We’re proud to continue our longstanding partnership with to fund countermeasures to advance law enforcement detection, expand critical toxicology lab capabilities, and support the screening, assessment, and treatment of impaired drivers.”

Nearly $1 million is going to states

Programs that will be funded include:

  • The creation of “green labs” in Maryland and Connecticut to study the effects of cannabis to help law enforcement officers recognize signs of impairment.
  • An on-call toxicology program that will allow Louisiana to hire a forensic toxicologist to provide expert analysis and testimony in impaired driving cases throughout the state.
  • Equipment in Illinois and Louisiana to assist in analyzing blood samples to detect synthetic opioids.
  • Training case managers and judges in Nevada on screening and assessing drivers for impairment.

According to the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute, there were an estimated 94 alcohol-impaired fatalities (BAC .08 or higher) in Indiana in 2021, down from 124 the year before. Indianapolis has the highest number of OWI crashes in the state each year.

The effort to reduce impaired driving in Indiana

In 2021, Indiana moved forward with several planned projects aimed at reducing impaired driving training, including:

  • Implementing impaired driving awareness campaigns
  • High-visibility enforcement in targeted areas
  • Operation of the DUI Task Force, a partnership of 37 counties
  • The purchase and distribution of 320 portable breath tests
  • Outsourcing to reduce the Indiana State Department of Toxicology backlog
  • Training for officers in the Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) Program & Standard Field Sobriety Test (SFST)
  • Enforcement initiatives to reduce underage drinking

Drivers impaired by alcohol or drugs often have slower reaction times, reduced concentration, and poor judgment. This dramatically increases the risk of an accident that leaves people with serious injuries.

An experienced car accident attorney can make a difference.

Victims need extensive medical treatment and are left wondering how to pay for surgery, hospitalization, testing, medication, follow-up appointments, and other medical expenses. When the negligence of an impaired driver caused the accident that left them hurt, they shouldn’t have to pay.

But recovering financial compensation can be a long and complicated process. Impaired drivers deny doing anything wrong, and insurance companies pay victims as little as possible. If an impaired driver has hurt you, you need an experienced car accident lawyer on your side. The attorneys at Glaser & Ebbs are ready to help.

Our firm has been fighting for the injured in Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, and throughout Indiana since 1990. We build strong cases built on facts and help you fight back against the insurance company's attempts to pay you less. We are determined to help you recover the compensation you need and deserve.

Learn more about how we can help. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation at one of our office locations.

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