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Facial Injuries & Car Accidents

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An Indiana car accident lawyer discusses facial trauma from crashes

A recent study by the National Library of Medicine shows slightly more than half of all motor vehicle accidents resulted in facial injuries. Over a 15-month period, researchers found that 51% of 461 accident victims suffered facial trauma. Causes range from being ejected from the vehicle or being hit by flying glass and other objects, to striking the airbag, steering wheel, dashboard, or another hard object in the vehicle.

Common types of facial injuries suffered in car accidents

According to the National Library of Medicine study, the breakdown of patients with facial injuries is:

  • 185 (78%) suffered a major soft tissue injury. These include abrasions, burns, lacerations, deep cuts and skin tears that damage nerves, muscles and connective tissue. Eye injuries can leave a person visually impaired or even blind.
  • 52 (22%) suffered facial bone fractures. These injuries include a broken or fractured nose, broken lower or upper jaw, and broken eye socket. They also indicate possible brain trauma.
  • 42 of the 237 (18%) who suffered facial trauma were wearing seat belts.
  • 74 of 224 (33%) who escaped facial trauma were wearing seat belts.
  • Many who were wearing seat belts suffered only minor injuries and were never admitted to the hospital.
  • 121 of 237 (51%) with facial trauma tested positive for alcohol or drugs.
  • 65 of 224 (24%) without facial trauma showed no sign of alcohol or drug impairment.

Facial injuries below the surface

Treatment for facial injuries varies widely depending on the location and severity of the injury. Many facial injuries can leave victims with permanent scarring and disfigurement. The physical damage can negatively impact a victim’s self-esteem and reduce their quality of life, causing long-term mental and emotional fallout.

Treatment for facial trauma may include:

  • Lining up broken facial bones that need to be held in place for proper healing. This can take six or more weeks.
  • For extensive fractures, incisions are made to expose bones, followed by a combination of wiring and plating techniques.
  • Broken jaws that require metal braces fastened to your teeth with rubber bands to hold the jaws together.
  • Severe cuts and lacerations that require microvascular reconstructive surgery by a plastic surgeon. This involves rebuilding the face and neck through the use of blood vessels, bone and tissue, such as muscle and skin, from other parts of the body.
  • Following hospitalization, your surgeon will provide you with special dietary instructions to promote healing, and instructions on caring for your injury.
  • Counseling and medication to deal with the trauma of permanent facial injuries.

Fight for the compensation you're entitled to

If you or a loved one suffered facial trauma in a car accident, you have the right to pursue compensation for your injuries and other accident-related expenses (e.g., medical bills, lost wages, replacement services, pain and suffering, etc.). The problem is insurance adjusters don't want to pay crash victims fair compensation because insurance companies have a vested interest in keeping payments low. That's why you need a car accident lawyer to protect your rights and aggressively advocate for your best interests.

At Glaser & Ebbs, our attorneys have more than 100 years of combined experience helping car accident victims just like you in Fort Wayne, Indianapolis and throughout Indiana. We won't let an insurance company push you around or pressure you into accepting a lowball settlement. We'll fight for every dollar you deserve and work to obtain the best possible outcome in your case.

To see how we can help you, contact us today for a free consultation with an experienced Indiana car accident lawyer.

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