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Have A Safe Summer With Fireworks

This weekend kicks off the unofficial start of summer and along with that comes an increase in the use of fireworks. Area residents are reminded that Indiana has several laws governing fireworks and many town and cities have additional ordinances that citizens must follow.

In addition to laws, common courtesy when lighting fireworks goes a long way in avoiding neighborhood conflicts. Letting neighbors know your plans is a great idea or, better yet, why not invite your neighbors to join in the fun? Remember, not all your neighbors, especially those with young children or different work hours, enjoy the loud noises produced by fireworks.

The basic rule of thumb for fireworks use by residents in unincorporated areas of Hamilton County is that fireworks may be ignited from 9am-11pm on most nights with an extension on holidays, including Memorial Day. Fireworks may only be used on a person’s own property or on the property of a person who has given permission. Lighting fireworks in a street or in a parking lot are not permitted. Juveniles under the age of 18 must have an adult present to use or possess fireworks.

Towns and cities may have further restrictions on times or locations fireworks may be used, so residents should seek advice from local agencies.

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